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I swim outside the fish bowl

"I Swim Outside the Fish Bowl"
24 October 1967
My journal is all about my dating days. Long-term relationships, short-term, first dates, blind dates, double dates, we're in love & lost my virginity date, penis stuck in zipper date, wish you were dead dates, I'm climbing out the window date, I forgot I was on a date, breaking dates, no show dates, family fixing me up dates, dating a State Senator, dating Mayor candidates, strange dates, finding out we're related dates, she's a lesbian & I didn't know this was a date, Middle Eastern dates, church dates, he tossed his cookies date, internet dating, just shoot me now dates, short man syndrome dates, why am I here dates, dates with a rock-a-billy, he thinks Elvis is his Daddy date, vegetable dating, dating the devil, he's in jail date, dating a drug dealer, he murdered the Waffle House waitress, stalked by dixie mafia member, dating alcoholics, dating con-artist, later finding out he is in the Ku Klux Klan dates, married men with children who forgot they were married with children dates, cheesy guys, dates with guys under 21, guys who need anger management, men in the closet dates, bushy brow dates, zero hair all over dates, male stripper dating, he lives in his car date, dating the mattress guy, my Daddy bribed me to go on nerd date, dates with older men, dates with much younger men, (just call me a cougar or maybe a cab) & a whole lot more about dating in general.