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I swim outside the fish bowl
Feeling Like A She-devil 
21st-May-2007 08:57 pm
I am sooooooooooooooooo mad!!!!!!  I just finished writing a super long post & then it disappeared never to be found again.  This is the 2nd time it's happened on LJ.   From now on I'm going to copy & paste from word.  There are little red horns growing out the top of my head & red smoke coming out of my ears.  I may be growing a tail too.  When my anger wears off I'll try to post again.

While I'm feeling like a "devious she-devil" I think I will take this as an opportunity for revenge.  If you read my post from May 18, you will understand the picture.  In my post that disappeared I had written more about "Elvis's Son".  I will try to rewrite that post at a later date.  I changed his name to "Paranoid Dead-Beat".  You will find out why in my next entry.  Stay Tuned....

He's wearing my shirt, which I never got back.
He was trying to look cool & sexy, but instead he looks like he just smelled a really, really, bad toot.  Gotta Love it!
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